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    Stock Poster Breakingbricks
    30 Jun 2020 02:18 PM
    Hi all, I have a 2011 Fat Bob with a hypercharger pro R and V&H Side Shots. I've been running the side shots with quiet baffles but have just switched out to the standard ear splitters. I've built a reasonable tune using the SE Super Tuner Pro. Auto tuned 3 times for VE values then tweaked the AFR for a richer mix (adjusted everything with the stock 14.6 to between 13.2 & 13.9). I'm about to do another Auto tune or three with the standard baffles but am wondering if it can record using a custom AFR or if I need to reset to 14.6 then adjust again after the new VE map is built? I've read that the Auto tune function won't record if there is enrichment or enleanment going on. Given my entire AFR map is enriched... You get where I'm going. Do I revert to 14.6 or can I tune with my current map?
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