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  • Bts838 Posts: 7
    Stock Poster Bts838
    18 Jul 2020 12:43 PM
    I have a16 iron 883 lowered on 11.5 inch progressive shocks, with a set of magnaflow bandits, similar to short shots. 

    My problem is turning right. Scrapes at the slightest lean, and has popped the landing ring off the exhaust so now have a massive leak on the front jug. 
    Anyone else have a good exhaust that is capable of a pillion passenger, and doesn't scrape? I am about to order some bassani radical radius sweepers. 
  • fatbat Posts: 3012
    Forum Legend fatbat
    18 Jul 2020 01:08 PM
    You’re very limited in what you can do when the bike is that low. I suggest longer rear shocks at 12.5 inches. Also anything like short shots are pretty ordinary for street performance. There’s a good chance you’ve gone backwards with this pipe. Your bike probably looks and sounds the way you like but there’s often a comprise on handling and performance 
  • tussuck Posts: 2519
    Forum Legend tussuck
    18 Jul 2020 02:46 PM
    Raise the bike!  put on longer shocks (BUT never factory Harley ones as they are total chit)
    Or trade in for a 883L  (I'll swap you for my 09 883L)
    If your in need of a LOW bike then there are low seat options for the Sporty that will provide a lower seat position. 

    Change the pipes!
    Factory headers with Screaming Beagle mufflers is a good combination - I still scrap from time to time but that's only when I'm pushing and its only the mounting bolt heads that touch the ground.  Or a customer set of upswept pipes or the like.

  • Bts838 Posts: 7
    Stock Poster Bts838
    20 Jul 2020 06:55 PM
    I don't really want to raise it, I really like the sound of a 2-2. I decided to go a fpe  radical high radius. 

    It's an 883, they go pretty good really for what they are, I just need to be able to lean it over more. I bought the bike how it is, with the stage 1 done. I'm disappointed, because I love the look of the pipes. It fairly gets up and moves in my opinion. 
  • micathia Posts: 234
    Stock Poster micathia
    23 Jul 2020 11:05 AM
    my 883 is similar to yours. 2013 model on 11.5 shock. 

    My pipe is side shot. 120db in volume i tested it. Louder than my dyna. 

    I think for sound and performance, you can try thunderheader or D&D 2-into-1. Performance improve will be noticeable. 

    For 2-to-2, i just love the side shot. 

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  • noctm Posts: 449
    Stage 1 Poster noctm
    31 Jul 2020 07:36 PM
    I used to have a lowered iron, went through two sets of 2-2 that I scraped the fuck out of before I ended up with a magnaflow 2-1 set that wasn't up swept, looked good and had no clearance issues. I can't think of many/any 2-2's that you won't scrape on a low sporty
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