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    18 Aug 2020 09:43 AM
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    I did not know AMF had a bad reputation, so thought i's just post a pic of my old one I bought it new, & just made changes as I had problems. & now it is bullit proof. I road this 1 million K's , then sold it to a mate ( thats him ) and as you can see he is still riding the ring out of it!! it still can do quarter mile in 11.6 seconds trap speed was only 113mph but it still ran 11's quarter mile first time he road it at Sydney Drags & he was shining the rear wheel  out the hole. it has S&S flywheels dynamically balanced & the balance factor was changed to 52%, has S&S 3 5/8" barrels, stock shovel heads, special order Andrews cam old Ratchet Lid 4 speed ( as I sold it & was kick start only. now m8 has put a Riviera 6 speed in so he could have a late model electric start. personally I loved kick starting it myself. another thing was, as I always road this bike hard & just the design of the beast, they can crack everything that can't take it. I found the fat bob tanks & speedo in tank as too dangerous , I had the plate that bolts to the frame then holds the ignition switch & speedo break in half , so I went to a genuine Harley ( good ol AMF ) super glide tank as they have a very good rubber mounted system, no more trouble.
    I had it on a Dyno once but the operator was too scared to rev it as said it was an old bike, but after he did give it a quick rev then backed off, he said it was faltless a strong smooth curve till he backed off & showed 100HP, but I had a Good tach on it and used to rev 7,500 at the track.
    that's my story since new owner it has continued traveling this great land! last count two laps of Tassie and up Queensland a few times ( before the pussy put the fence up )

  • Polar Bear Posts: 2
    Ingleburn NSW
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    10 Sep 2020 07:18 AM
    Nice bike.   I had a 1979 Sportster 1000 in the late 80's.  I didn't like it at the time but have fond memories now, even if I only owned it for a short time.

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