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  • B.Zanetti Posts: 11
    Stock Poster B.Zanetti
    04 Sep 2020 07:57 AM
    Using the DS mounts front and back? What’s the vibration like through the bars?
  • micathia Posts: 271
    Stage 1 Poster micathia
    14 Sep 2020 03:21 PM
    I read from other forums, DS mount wears fast. 
  • B.Zanetti Posts: 11
    Stock Poster B.Zanetti
    14 Sep 2020 04:57 PM
    I answered the question myself by fitting the ds mounts. 
    I didn’t see much in the way of wear on the oem mounts though. The issue I had with the oem mounts is they were sagging like an old girls tits and you could feel some movement in the arse end when cornering.
    There is more vibration with the ds mounts but it’s bearable and along with some suspension upgrades it feels a lot more stable cornering.
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