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  • whiteyluvsrum Posts: 290
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    02 Jan 2009 06:24 PM


    If ya a goose like me and like to round off nuts and bolts this is a great bit of kit. I thought I was doomed with the exhaust flange nut i managed to mangle, seen these and thought id give it a go. worked perfect the first shot i gave it.

    5/5 spuds! saved my ass!


  • 05 FXDX Posts: 76
    Stock Poster 05 FXDX
    14 May 2009 08:55 PM
    I use Gedore 6 sided flank drive sockets, never have a problem with rounding the nuts. The cheap asian sockets and spanners should be avoided at all cost as they arn't really close to the size stamped into then and the drive on the corners of the nut.

    The sockets were expensive so I purchased the full set in parts and they've been great for the 16 years that I've had them and saved a lot of swearing in the garage.
  • Firey Posts: 925
    south coast nsw
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    15 Jun 2009 09:37 PM
    Hmm I like these goodies, just so happens my mate works behind the counter that probably sells these, cheers
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