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  • kingchops Posts: 0
    06 Apr 2009 06:13 PM
    Yep, John from Explode has extended the promo code on the site for another month, good reminder I will post it in news.
  • Cruzn Pete Posts: 0
    Cruzn Pete
    08 Apr 2009 09:26 AM
    Watched the Dvd last night.
    Quite impressed. Congrats Xplode on a great production.
  • andij Posts: 1261
    Motor Head andij
    14 Apr 2009 05:29 PM
    i watched the vid it was a bit flat ,toomany opinions ,lets face it u can ride a bike or stare at a bike a bike can turn heads or turn corners ,maybe a short clip from the west might have added some road flavour ,otherwise not bad for 1st attempt but wouldnt rave about it
  • Big Joe Posts: 173
    Stock Poster Big Joe
    15 Apr 2009 09:48 PM
    You know what they say about opinions. Everyone has one.................................
  • Dazza Posts: 0
    15 Apr 2009 11:18 PM
    jesus BJ whats up mate????????????? you must be in a hurry
  • andij Posts: 1261
    Motor Head andij
    16 Apr 2009 06:03 PM
    iam being honest ,some dragracin between big joe and python,ho and bano wrestlin in jelly with 4 girls,helmut camera behind some nutta riders out in the country around corners ,guys doin wheelstands ,tits, cops givin us hard times ,bit more entertainment ,some good hoonin, use ya imagination. like i said not bad ,

  • Skidz Posts: 20
    Stock Poster Skidz
    16 Apr 2009 07:57 PM
    I think you missed the whole point of the film, it was about "Bike Building", not boring shit we can see on any dvd. Besides I heard they've got a lot of burnout stuff and the likes, but chose to go a different angle. I could pick a bunch of stuff I'd liked to have seen, but you know the story!

    Maybe you can donate some money for their next film and star in it, I heard they need "Fluffers" all the time, especially for Big Joe. ROFLMAO
  • 1elcys Posts: 1130
    Gold Coast Queensland
    Performance Poster 1elcys
    17 Apr 2009 11:41 AM
    Just ordered !
  • 1elcys Posts: 1130
    Gold Coast Queensland
    Performance Poster 1elcys
    22 Apr 2009 03:57 PM
    Just got it.
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