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    21 Feb 2009 10:17 PM

    Had a set of SE slipons installed on my 08 Heritage about 500 k ago. Was told by the stealer at the time that they were not so loud as they would alert the boys in blue, but would fail if they got EPA tested.Got put through the ringer by the EPA at a police blitz tonight, so was a bit nervous. Was told it failed the stationary noise test by 1 db, but he was not going to defect it on that. 88 db at idle, and I suppose 95 db during the test (as the limit is 94 db I think). Suggested I have a recheck done in 12 months to see if it had got louder and take appropriate action if it had. The guy had called his mate over to hold the handheld tacho while he did the noise test. After the test he commented to his mate " and they were screaming eagles". I got the impression he expected them to fail big time. I've read somewhere that the new SE's are not as loud as the old ones.

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    22 Feb 2009 02:14 AM
    i got SE's for the quieter sound............i fuggin like it....
    try ridin behind Bano for a while u will want them too.lmaao
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