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  • Grot09 Posts: 26
    Stock Poster Grot09
    06 Feb 2019 06:12 AM
    We are heading down the west coast today
    Been checking the alert map 
    Looks like we can get into Strahan
    Will go via Anthony Road
    Yesterday we had a ride from Penguin to Sheffield , Mole Creek , Launceston, Beaconsfield, Penguin 
  • ralphski Posts: 1118
    Performance Poster ralphski
    06 Feb 2019 06:46 PM
    might catch you down the east coast.
    enjoy mate
  • ralphski Posts: 1118
    Performance Poster ralphski
    22 Feb 2019 10:43 AM
    thanks Chris for all your info, roads to ride, pubs, etc.
    was great to catch up for a few beers and a couple of rides.
    oh and both your bikes look great up close.

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